Afterschool curling program

Curling Québec’s Afterschool Curling Program was developed to increase the visibility of, and to introduce more children to the sport of curling by integrating its practice into everyday life. During 2018-2019 season, the 20-week program has made its debut as a pilot project at five select clubs across varied regions of the province, with the goal of scaling up to more clubs every year.

The Afterschool Program also aims to introduce salaries for the coaches and supervisors involved, an important element to support and reward them for their time and service.

Sample Afterschool Schedule
  • 3:00pm: the children arrive at the curling club. We encourage clubs to establish an agreement with their local School Board to organise the transport of children from school to the club.
  • While at the club, the children are welcomed by supervisors and enjoy a healthy snack as they work on their homework assignments for the hour.
  • 4:00pm: following the study, the young curlers get on the ice for their curling practice with their coaches for an hour, or more, if scheduling allows.
  • 5:00pm: parents arrive at the club for pick-up.
Program Objectives
  • Support curling clubs’ recruitment of junior athletes (ages 6 to 18).
  • Increase the visibility and prestige of curling among children in their primary school years, ages 6 to 13.
  • Facilitate children’s participation in afterschool curling, while giving parents a helping hand during the work week, providing designated transport from the schools to the curling clubs.
  • Relieve the saturated schedule of curling club volunteers.
A Grassroots Idea

The project is modeled upon the afterschool program at Kénogami Curling Club  (in Jonquière, Saguenay), where it has been running for almost a decade with increasing success.  Not only has the program grown exponentially over the year, as they now have a roster of over 30 youths, but it has also directly impacted the development of the young athletes’ skill sets, producing an elite crop of junior curlers who often bring home important championships.

For more information on the Afterschool Curling Program, contact the Communications and Fundraising Coordinator:; 514-252-3088 ext. 3645.