Curling in the Gym

Looking for new ways to entertain your students? Looking for something new for your gym class? Curling in the gym is a guide to introduce students to the sport of curling in the gymnasium and it is an interesting opportunity to learn skills on ”dry land”. Unlike the Rocks & Rings program, where a representative visits participating schools and demonstrates Floor Curling, Curling in the gym suggests various exercises and activities which will provide teachers with resources to improve the physical literacy as well as the game-play abilities of their students while introducing them to curling. Click here for an overview of the required equipment!

All of our affiliated curling clubs can also request the Curling in the gym documentation if they want to be involved in junior development by promoting curling into schools.


Please contact the federation for more details! If you would like to show the Two Minute Guide to the Sport of Curling on a laptop, just let us know and we’ll send you the MP4 file.