Board of Directors

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The members of the Board are elected at the Annual General Assembly. Four (4) people are elected on odd years and three (3) are elected on even years.

Each Board member’s mandate is for a two-year period. The mandates are renewable.

Rémy St-Pierre
Elected in 2022
(Board member since 2016)

Mr. Rémy St-Pierre is a Chemical Engineer and has worked as a project manager for several years. He worked, among other things, as project director for everything related to engineering and architecture for the Amphithéâtre de Québec project ($370 million). Currently, he is working on a battery wireline project in Bécancour as Project Manager for Engineering and Architecture ($550M).

M St-Pierre began his curling career in 1974 and has continued to play ever since, with the exception of a 10-year period. He participated in 5 senior provincial championships and two master provincials. He won the 2023 provincial master championship, which allowed him to represent Quebec at the Canadian championship. Rémy was also involved in his club as treasurer from 2010 to 2013 and then acted as president for 5 years. He was also involved with the Quebec regional curling association from 2013 to 2021. He has been a member of the CQ board since 2016 where he held the positions of administrator, vice-president and now as president. He has represented the Quebec federation at Curling Canada meetings on several occasions.

Finally, Mr. St-Pierre has been working with representatives of the Jacques Cartier Curling Club for over 10 years to build a new 8-sheet curling club in Quebec City. Discussions are still underway with the administration of the City of Quebec for the realization of this project.

Pamela copy
Elected in 2021
(Board member since 2019)

Pamela Nugent joined the board in the Fall of 2019 and was appointed Vice-President in 2022. As an avid curler since the young age of 12, a three-time Quebec Women’s champion and a certified coach who has given time to both juniors and Special Olympics, Pamela is committed to the growth of the sport of curling in the province.
Residing in the west island of Montreal, Pamela works year-round for a travel camp for teens as their Director of Planning and an Executive Team Member. In addition, Pamela is currently in pursuit of her MBA.
Audree Dufresne CA

Audrée Dufresne, originally from Amos in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, has been a member of the board of directors since 2021 and has acted as secretary since 2022. A lawyer by profession, she is a partner and owner of the firm Cain Lamarre and practices labor and employment. In this capacity, she advises employers in all sectors of activity in their labor relations but also in matters of governance, crisis management and compliance.

For this former recreational and competitive curler for more than 20 years, serving on the Board of Directors of Curling Québec allows her to “kill two birds with one stone”: to use her professional expertise to serve the members of the federation and reconnect with the most beautiful sport that exists.

Re-elected in 2022
(Board member since 2020)

Sonny Melancon, originally from La Sarre in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, has been passionate about curling since 2010, a sport that immediately captivated him. His commitment to this discipline goes beyond mere practice, as he has also taken on leadership responsibilities. From 2013 to 2017, he held the position of president of the La Sarre Curling Club, thus contributing to its development. From 2014 to 2019, he served as a director with the North West Regional Curling Association, where he played an active role in organizing and promoting curling in the region. His dedication earned him the election of president of the association in 2019. Since 2020, he has sat on the board of directors of Curling Québec, where he continues to actively contribute to the development of this sport he loves. Along with his passion for curling, Sonny explored various professional fields. Since 2017, he has worked as a control room supervisor in the mining sector. His role has allowed him to develop skills in management, coordination and decision-making, while contributing to an industry crucial to his region.

Father of 4 children, Sonny was able to reconcile his passion for curling, his professional career and personal life, by seizing the opportunities that presented themselves to him. He is proud of his career in curling and his contribution to the development of the sport.

Photo Richard Gervais

Richard Gervais has been a member of the Board of Directors of Curling Québec since 2022. As a senior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, he has acquired a wealth of experience in management and leadership that he puts forward in his involvement with curling. Involved in the construction of a new curling center since 2013, he took over the presidency when it opened in 2018. Qualified club coach and level two referee, he continues his involvement with his curling club in addition to sitting on the board of directors of the regional curling association.

Driven by the development of curling, he is responsible for training and tournaments with his local curling center. His ability and ease in communicating in both official languages ​​has allowed him to train and intitiate an impressive number of new curlers. Since his retirement in 2012, he has played a minimum of five times per week in addition to his involvement in the promotion of the sport. No doubt curling is now his new passion.

Matthew Sigouin

Originally from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Matthew discovered curling at the age of 16, starting at the Otterburn Park club. Resident of Trois-Rivières since 2004, it is there that he continues to evolve in this sport. He is entering his 24th year as a curler.

He had the opportunity to participate in several tournaments at the recreational and competitive level, including two provincial Tankard championships and won Provincial Club Series Championship in 2018. With the objective of transmitting his passion and promoting the development of the next generation, he was also a coach for young people at school level for 5 years.

Matthew has always been very involved in several committees, both through his personal and professional career, he now wishes to focus more on his involvement in the sport he loves. He has also been very involved in the last year to sustain the regional curling association in his region, Mauricie.

In addition to curling, he is passionate about events and management, and it is in these areas that he works year-round. He wishes to use his experience and skills for the development and creation of future projects for Curling Québec.

Richard Roy

Richard Roy began curling at the Glenmore Curling Club 30 years ago, thanks to his partner Annette who is from Winnipeg. Richard is passionate about curling and watches most national and international tournaments. He attended a training seminar at Hot Shot Curling Camp in Ontario with David Gravelle and his team. Richard is passionate about interpreting the rules and just like in hockey, he followed the steps to become a referee at Curling Quebec. He has been a member of the board of directors since fall 2023.