Open registration

Championship Format

8 teams or more

  • Modified triple knock-out
  • 2 teams will qualify from the A, 2 teams from the B, and 1 team from the C. Playoffs (triple knock-out modified) : Top 5 teams

Registration Fees

$300 per team
+ $25 per player – Curling Canada competitor fees

Registration period will begin on September 1, 2024

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Draw and rules

General rules (french only)

Specific rules


Triple Knockout



Host Site

Buckingham / Thurso


  • All teams must participate in a at least one tournament on the juvenile circuit and get 16 points in order to be eligible. There are many tournaments per season in the juvenile circuit. To fill in the form for the points, click here. To read the rules about the points, click here.
  • The registration fee for each juvenile tournament will be $100 which will be used to cover the costs related to the organization of the events (ice rental, prizes, food, etc.). There will not be any prize money awarded on the juvenile circuit.
  • A minimum of four (4) teams per sex must be registered in a particular event in order for it to be officially recognized as a sanctioned event.


Registration deadline: November 1, 2024

Provincial championship: January 2-6, 2025

Canadian championship: February 6-22, 2025

Note to coaches

All coaches must complete a criminal background check before the start of their first tournament. Please visit this page for more information.

Furthermore, all coaches need to be certified before December 31st. Click here for more information (in french only).

2024 Champions


Jolianne Fortin, Emy Lafrance, Megan Lafrance, Mégane Fortin and Brandon Lafrance (coach)


Raphael Tremblay, Mathis Arsenault, Thomas Lauzon, Justin Lapointe, Jean-François Tremblay (coach)