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Championship Format

Option 1 – 8 teams or more

  • Triple knock-out
  • 1 team will qualify from the A, 1 team from the B, and 2 teams from the C
  • Playoffs: Top 4 teams (Q1 vs Q4, Q2 vs Q3)

Option 2 – 7 teams or less

  • Round robin
  • Playoffs: Page-3 format

Registration Fees

$240 per team
+ $25 per player – Curling Canada competitor fees

Registration period will begin on September 1, 2022

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Draw and rules

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  • All teams must participate in a at least two (2) tournaments on the juvenile circuit and at least one (1) other recognized event before the start of the provincial championship (juvenile circuit, junior qualification event, Quebec provincial adult circuit, etc.) in order to be eligible. The list of circuits and events will be updated throughout the season as soon as Curling Quebec receives the information from the event organizers.
  • The registration fee for each juvenile tournament will be $100 which will be used to cover the costs related to the organization of the events (ice rental, prizes, food, etc.). There will not be any prize money awarded on the juvenile circuit.
  • A minimum of four (4) teams per sex must be registered in a particular event in order for it to be officially recognized as a sanctioned event.

*Due to the current situation, Curling Quebec exceptionally reserves the right this year to modify or adapt the qualification process and/or the participation requirements (mandatory tournaments) in order to promote participation in the championship.


Registration deadline: October 1st, 2022

Provincial championship: January 4-8, 2023

Canadian championship: February 6-11, 2023

Note to coaches

All coaches must complete a criminal background check before the start of their first tournament. Please visit this page for more information.

Qualification tournaments

DateTournoiDate limite d'inscriptionPrixNote
08-10 oct 2022St-Lambert24 sept 2022100$
28-30 oct 2022Kénogami15 oct 2022100$
18-20 nov 2022Québec05 nov 2022100$
2-4 déc 2022Buckingham19 nov 2022100$Maximum 4 équipes par catégorie
D'autres tournois pourront s'ajouter au cours de la saison

2022 Champions


Jolianne Fortin, Emy Lafrance, Megan Lafrance, Mégane Fortin and Brandon Lafrance (coach)


Team Girard (Victoria Curling club) – Léandre Girard, Justin Lapointe, Xavier Guévin, Louis-François Brassard, Zachary Pedneault, Robert Richard (coach)