CONSTRUCTION D’UN CLUB DE CURLING – ÉTUDE DE CAS document that you can download was created in collaboration with Des Collines Curling Club. It shows the outline and some tips for building a curling club. This document summarizes the main parts and hopefully will help you to initiate that kind a project. You should know that this type of project takes a few years and that if it involves sums from public funds (any ministry for example), you must be patient, meticulous and persevering.

A big thank you to Mike Duern, Roger Smith and Richard Gervais for sharing their experience with us!

The topics covered are :

  • Introduction
  • Organization registration
  • Form a study committee
  • Obtaining support for the project from the municipality
  • Class D business plan writing
  • Obtaining project approval from the MEES
  • Obtaining funding
  • Drafting of the class C business plan and presentation to the MEES
  • Confirmation from the MEES and start of construction
  • Building the curling club



STARTING A NEW CURLING CLUB document you can download has been made in collaboration with World Curling Federation. It exposed the general outlines and some tips for building a curling club.

Thanks to World Curling Federation for all the information!

The topics covered are :

  • The building
  • The plant
  • The ice base
  • Air condition & humidity
  • Steering & control systems
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Costs
  • Equipment