Curling 101

Developed by Curling Canada and supported by the Ottawa Valley Curling Association, the Curling 101 program (also known as Learn to Curl) aimed people that haven’t curl before but that would be interested in being initiated to the sport. Created in collaboration with Earle Morris, this 8-week initiation program, one lesson of two hours a week, is also intended as a tool for amateur players to refine their game and their knowledge of the sport. The course is run by quality instructors and focus on learning the basics of curling in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun. Moreover, all equipment is included!

The curling 101 program has been offered as part of a pilot project in few clubs during the 2015/2016 season and it is obvious that this program can be an excellent tool for clubs to recruit new curlers, as well as a perfect program for beginners.

If you would like to show the Two Minute Guide to the Sport of Curling on a laptop, just let us know and we’ll send you the MP4 file.

For further details about the Curling 101 program, we invite clubs to go over the explanatory document and to contact Curling Québec at