Eligibility to the Fonds Sports-Québec program is yet another benefit offered to all curling clubs affiliated with Curling Québec. The fundraising program is an effective and attractive tool for clubs looking to maximise their financing opportunities.


Fonds Sports-Québec

The Fonds Sports-Québec program allows affiliated clubs to organise their fundraising campaigns supporting their projects. SPORTSQUÉBEC receives the donations on behalf of the fundraising organisation; the funds are subsequently processed and transferred to the organisation. This process allows SPORTSQUÉBEC to then emit official tax receipts to all donors for each donation of $25 or more.

In order to sign up for this program, a club must complete an application form, detailing their fundraising campaign plan and goals, and submit it to SPORTSQUÉBEC for approval (you can download the forms here. French only). We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with SPORTSQUÉBEC’s procedures prior to launching your fundraising campaign.

Donation Eligibility

All of the following conditions have to be met in order for a donation to qualify for the Fonds Sports-Québec program:

  • All donations must be submitted with a completed Donation Form wherein the donor confirms that the contribution will not bring any advantage to him/her or to any person bound to him/her, directly or indirectly.
  • Donors can provide general indications on the final use of the donation to a specific organization or club, provided that the gift does not exempt them or a person related to them from any obligation (such as training expenses, membership fees, etc).

Cadre normatif 2021-2023

Processing Fees

Administrative fees are applicable to all donations to cover the costs of

  • Issuance of tax-receipts for each donation;
  • Accounting and audit management of the FSQ.

These administrative fees are established in proportion to the donation amount:

Donations via Credit Card

All donations made through a credit card payment are subject to an additional processing fee equivalent to 4% regardless of the gift’s total dollar amount.

Issuance of Tax-Receipts for Donations

Eligible donations totalling or more are automatically entitled to the issuance of a tax-receipt for donors.

SPORTSQUÉBEC prints the receipts once a year in February of the year following the donation. All donations received online automatically generate their respective tax receipt (in PDF format) once the payment is approved. No paper receipts are issued following the electronic process.


For more information, please contact Aline Fellmann, Communications and Fundraising coordinator: afellmann@curling-quebec.qc.ca.