Eligibility to the Fonds Sports Québec program from SPORTS QUÉBEC is yet another benefit offered to all curling clubs affiliated with Curling Québec. The fundraising program is an effective and attractive tool for clubs looking to maximise their financing opportunities.


Fonds Sports Québec (FSQ)

Fonds Sports Québec is a program that allows organizations to organize fundraising campaigns to support their projects. SPORTS QUÉBEC is officially recognized as a charitable organization by Revenu Canada, which allows them to receive donations and return them to the clubs via Curling Québec (minus administrative fees) and allows them to issue official tax receipts to donors.

To benefit from this program, once the organization is ready to launch their fundraiser, they should contact Curling Québec at info@curling-quebec.qc.ca. After contacting us, we will send the organization all of the necessary forms to complete, and will then forward the completed forms to SPORTS QUÉBEC’s philanthropic committee for review.


Eligible Donations

In order for a donation to be accepted by Fonds Sports Québec, the following conditions must be respected:

  • The donor acknowledges that their donation will not benefit them, any member of their family, or any person related to them under the tax laws, whether directly or indirectly.
  • The donor can include general information regarding the purpose of their donation to a specific program or organization, on the condition that the donation does not benefit anyone related to them.

Processing Fees

Administrative fees are applicable to all donations to cover the costs of:

  • Issuance of tax-receipts for each donation;
  • Accounting and audit management of the FSQ

The administrative fees are calculated based on the donation amounts as follows:

Credit card donations

All donations made through a credit card payment are subject to an additional processing fee equivalent to 4% regardless of the total dollar amount.

Issuance of Tax-Receipts for Donations

Eligible donations of $25 or more are entitled to the issuance of a tax receipt for donors.

SPORTS QUÉBEC prints the tax receipts once a year, in February of the year following the donation. All donations received online will automatically generate their respective tax receipt (PDF format) once the payment is approved. No paper receipts are issued for online donations.


For more information, please contact France Nault, Administrative Coordinator: fnault@curling-quebec.qc.ca.