Promotional events

Curling Québec attends various festivals, carnivals, etc. to ensure the promotion of curling and to reach new demographics.

If your club wishes to take part in a local promotional event, contact our team at to learn how the federation may help with preparation and coordination of events (booking, display, promotional material, cost, etc.).

Promotional kit

Clubs can now get a promotional kit entitled ‘Don’t think twice and get out on the ice!’.

For only 20$ taxes included, we will mail you 5 posters (19′ X 24′) and 25 flyers (3 1/2′ X 8 1/2′) that you could leave in schools, convenient stores, pharmacy, etc… in your neighborhood.

For more information or to order, contact us at

Equipment loans and rentals

The following items are available :

  • Complete set of curling stones

  • Training equipment (Speed trap, Smart Broom, etc.)

  • Rocks and Rings kit (for curling in the gym)

Legal : Free mediation services

The Regroupement Loisir et Sport du Québec (RLSQ) has recently established a new partnership with the Faculty of Law of the University of Sherbrooke, which will grant access to mediation services to all its members, including Curling Québec. Our federation’s members, therefore, may now also use these services, free of charge.

As you may already know, as of 2016, Civil Code procedures mandate citizens to refer to private services for the prevention and settlement of disputes, before recurring to tribunals. Mediation services are a true complement to courts and they provide an ideal solution to finding mutually satisfying agreements.

This new partnership is yet another service that Curling Québec provides to its members.

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