Ascension is a four-level program, with eight to ten weekly sessions per level. The program aims to teach the basic curling techniques and skills to adults. Each weekly training session is two hours long and is divided into three sections: off-ice learning session, on-ice learning session, and game play.

With this creative program, we want to offer a positive experience to all the participants in a safe and secure environment. We also offer a training session to the instructors who will be in charge of the program in each of their respective curling clubs. The final goal is to have all participants reach an intermediate level of play which will help with member retention in each club offering the program.

We strongly recommend holding a “club coach” clinic or a private training session for the instructors who will be teaching the classes. The goal for this workshop is to ensure that the instructors have a good understanding of the skills which will be taught throughout the course, and a general understanding of the program itself.


For each level, there will be a visual presentation summarizing the main theoretical aspects as well as tips for each practice. You will also have a handbook with exercices and the detailed schedule for each session.

For further details about the Ascension program and to begin offering the program in your club, we invite you to contact Curling Québec at