Curling Quebec's Hall of Fame

Rules and regulations:


The goal of Curling Quebec’s Hall of Fame is to honour the achievements of individuals who have significantly and positively contributed towards the advancement of the sport of curling in the province, with respect to the interests and corporate image of Curling Quebec.  Inducting someone into the Curling Quebec Hall of Fame is a prestigious affair and a high distinction within the curling community.

The Selection Committee may nominate individuals who, in their own way, have significantly impacted the history of curling in Quebec. In order to do so, the Selection Committee will adhere to the established selection criteria.  Inductees will need to have contributed to the development of the sport, have been actively involved in the curling world and have maintained a high level of respectability throughout their sporting career.

Current members of Curling Quebec’s
Hall of Fame

Agnès Charette

Player – Inducted in 2011

André Ferland

Builder – Inducted in 2012

Rita C. Proulx

Player and Builder – Inducted in 2012

Lee Tobin

Player – Inducted in 2017

Mary Anne Robertson

Player – Inducted in 2017

Martha Don

Player – Inducted in 2017

Lois Louisa Marwood Baines

Player – Inducted in 2017

Gerry Tomalty

Player – Inducted in 2017

James W. Ursel

Player – Inducted in 2017

Donald J. Aitken

Player – Inducted in 2017

Arthur L. Lobel

Player – Inducted in 2017

Pierre Charette

Player – Inducted in 2017

Jean Boivin

Builder – Inducted in 2019

Dr. Maurice Campbell

Builder  – Inducted in 2019

Thomas R. Fisher

Builder – Inducted in 2019

Jack Lynch

Builder – Inducted in 2019

Monique Nicholls

Builder  – Inducted in 2019

Claude Noël

Builder – Inducted in 2019

Michel St-Onge

Builder – Inducted in 2019

Judith Veinot

Builder  – Inducted in 2019

Jack Crombie

Builder – Inducted in 2019

Jacqueline « Jackie » Caron

Builder – Inducted in 2024

(left on the picture, Mr. Rémy St-Pierre, Curling Québec’s President in 2024)

Michael D. « Mike » Carson

Builder and Player  – Inducted in 2024

(left on the picture, Mr. Richard Roy, Curling Québec’s Administrator in 2024)

Camil Larouche

Builder – Inducted in 2024

(left on the picture, Mrs. Audrée Dufresne, Curling Québec’s Secretary in 2024)

Robert Maclean

Player – Inducted in 2024

(left on the picture, Mr. Matthew Sigouin, Curling Québec’s Administrator in 2024)


The objectives of Quebec’s Curling Hall of Fame are:

  • To recognize and honor the individuals who have contributed to the development of curling in Quebec;
  • To ensure a greater visibility of the Federation, its partners, its members and the sport.

Selection committee

  • Should the Selection Committee so desire, it may request further information about the nominees.
  • The committee will give their recommendations to Curling Quebec’s Board of Directors


Eligibility Criteria

Players and Teams who have distinguished themselves by their excellence and performances at high levels of competition

Builders (i.e. Coaches, Officials, Administrators, etc.) who have greatly contributed towards the development of curling in the province are eligible for consideration.

A nomination can also be considered.

Eligible categories

  • Player
  • Builder
  • Player and Builder
  • Honorary

A. Player

In order to be eligible as a Player, the candidate must be recognized as having successfully competed in various high caliber events.

Mandatory selection criteria for the “player” category:

  • The player must have won a Quebec championship four (4) times in the same category (Tankard or Scotties) or six (6) combined times in multiple categories.
  • Must be retired from competitive curling for at least three (3) years.

Non-mandatory selection criteria for the “player” category:

  • Must have won the Canadian championship more than once, or must have won two different Canadian championships.
  • Must have won an award at the Sports Québec Gala at least twice

B. Builder

Nominations must be submitted to Curling Quebec using the Nomination Form intended for this purpose. The nominee’s achievements and accomplishments must be as detailed as possible and consent must be provided by the nominee (or his / her family, if deceased) prior to submitting a nomination in their name.

Selection criteria for the “builder” category:

  • Must have visibly and significantly contributed to the sport
  • Must have received a “Meritas” award in a relevant category
  • Consistency, dedication and contribution to curling over the years
  • Must have won an award at the Sports-Québec Gala

C. Player and Builder

To be eligible, candidates must meet at least one of the essential criteria from both the “player” category and the “builder” category.

D. Honorary

CQ will also recognize people who governed or presided over curling organizations.


All candidates will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Level of importance and scale of the accomplishments and/or contributions