In memory of Réjean Paré


In 2006, Mr. Réjean Paré, aged 55 years old, lost his life in a tragic car accident leaving Quebec’s curling community to mourn one of its greatest ambassadors.

Réjean Paré was a fierce competitor, loved by all who had the chance to meet him. He participated in many Provincial Championships and Bonspiels. In 2004 and 2005, he won the Men’s Senior Provincial Championship with his teammates Marcel Bouchard, Carol Bellemarre and Jean-Marie Bouchard.

He also won the “Player of the Year – Club Level” Award at the 2003 Curling Quebec Merits Gala.

Réjean had been involved in curling for over 25 years, mostly as a player and volunteer at his home club in Alma (Riverbend).

Award Description

The Réjean-Paré Award will be given annually, during the Senior’s Provincial Championship, to competitors (one male, one female) who demonstrated sportsmanship and showed a respect of the game’s rules, officials and their opponents while remaining competitive. We believe those qualities accurately define who Mr Réjean Paré was.

A popular vote by fellow competitors will determine the winners.

Curling Québec would like to thank Réjean Paré’s family and close friends who accepted to participate in the unveiling of this Award. More specifically, we would like to thank Mrs. Diane Carter (his wife), Karine (his oldest daughter), Julien (his son) accompanied by his girlfriend, Marie-Eve Lapointe and Véronique (his youngest daughter), Gisèle (his sister) accompanied by her husband Jean-Eudes Morin (both curlers) and Raymond (his brother) accompanied by his wife France Paquin (both curlers also).

Past Recipients


2024 – Brad Fitzherbert

2023 – Sylvain Bellavance

2022 – Luc Ouellette

2021 – Championship cancelled – Covid-19

2020 – Daniel Elie (Montreal)

2019 – Guy Carignan (Estrie)

2018 – Emilien Skelling (Côte-Nord)

2017 – Jacques Dufresne (Nord-Ouest)

2016 – Louis Biron (Outaouais)

2015 – Jacques Dufresne (Nord-Ouest)

2014 – Denis McSween (Sud-Ouest)

2013 – Christian Crête (Québec)

2012 – Jean-Marie Bouchard (Montréal)

2011 – Jacques Dufresne (Montréal)

2010 – Michel Lachance (Côte-Nord)

2009 – Jean St-Pierre (Outaouais)

2008 – André Drouin (Mauricie)

2007 – Mario Tremblay (Québec)



2024 – Claudy Daoust

2023 – Nathalie Leblanc

2022 – Karen Mayhew Ferraton

2021 – Championship cancelled – Covid-19

2020 – Dominique Noël (Nord-Ouest)

2019 – Ann-Lise Rochon (Montreal)

2018 – Margot Méthot (Côte-Nord)

2017 – Odette Trudel (Mauricie)

2016 – Anne Hardy (Estrie)

2015 – Catherine Derick (Outaouais)

2014 – Rita Leblanc (Mauricie)

2013 – Jennifer Marquis (Montréal)

2012 – Aline Dumont (Estrie)

2011 – Debbie Waller (Sud-Ouest)

2010 – Diane Lessard (Montréal)

2009 – Odette Trudel (Mauricie)

2008 – Claire Léveillé (Nord-Ouest)

2007 – Paule D. Guillemette (Québec)