8-Ender Recognition Service

Any team that scores an 8-Ender (an end with perfect score of eight) can contact Curling Québec to get a certificate of recognition (signed and issued by Curling Canada).

The following is the information needed to obtain the 8-ender certificate. Please send the information to info@curling-quebec.qc.ca:

  • Picture of the event

  • Name and address of the curling club

  • Date of the event

  • During what kind of tournament it happened (championship, day league, etc…)

  • Name of the team

  • Complete name and position of each team member

  • A mailing address for the certificate delivery.


The federation will recognize anniversaries and significant milestones for the clubs. To learn more, click here.

If your club is reaching an anniversary milestone and you wish to mark the occasion, contact us at info@curling-quebec.qc.ca.