The next edition of the Canada Winter Games will be presented in 2023 in Prince Edward Island. Curling will obviously again be one of the official sports of this major national sporting event and a Mixed Doubles competition will also be part of the Games for the very first time ever.

All the details regarding the selection process can be found in the document below and the selection kicks off in the fall of 2021.


U18 curling – girls and boys (4 players)

Participants must be 17 years of age and under by June 30, 2022. Athletes born on July 1, 2004 or later are therefore eligible.

Registration deadline : December 1, 2021

U20 Mixed Doubles

Participants must be 19 years of age and under by June 30, 2022. Athletes born on July 1, 2002 or later are therefore eligible

Selected teams

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Qualification process

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Registered athletes






Sarah-Ann Daigle

Félix Thomassin

Thierry Olsthroom

William Gravel

Charles-Etienne Pednault

Marianne Brassard

Philippe Jauron

Étienne Élias

Alexandre Jauron

Emmanuel Normand

Marianne Beaudoin

Noah Noseworthy

Thomas Gammon

Connor Selinger

Léo Clément

Victoria McCarvill

Matthew Navarole

Jacob Labrecque

Zachary Janidlo

Nicolas Janidlo

Anaïs Morissette

Olivier Hudon

Marianne Bisson

Maxim Charbonneau

Justin Roy

Marylee Brochet

Alice Beauchesne

Léanne Bergeron

Summer St-James

Eleya Poulou

Wynter Schaap

Emma Nguyen

Anne Sophie Gionest

Léanne Fortin

Juliette Bergeron

Sarah Bergeron

Laetitia Gionest

Elizabeth Cyr

Stella Rose Venne

Julianne Cyr

Léonnie Lamarre

Alexandra Legault

Jolianne Fortin

Emy Lafrance

Megan Lafrance

Mégane Fortin

Thomas Lauzon

Gabriel Hurens

Pierre-Oliver Roy

Maël Chrétien

Delphine Beauchemin

Jacob Lepage

Loïc Normandeau

Jérôme Bruyère

Raphaël Tremblay

Cassandra Roy

Anthony St-Louis

Coby Olszewski

Mathilde Sauvageau

Félix Sauvageau

Louis François Brassard

Antohny Trudel

Mary Elizabeth Simard

Elena Pivovarcic

Édouard Guévremont

Erica Robertson

Cole Richard

Maia Anber

Emilya Labrecque

Amber Gargul

Jiao-Li Leroux

Cédric Maurice

Nicolas Beauchemin

Lauren Cheal

Léandre Girard

Mégane Lauzon

Maude Beaulieu

Owen Paterson

Marc-Antoine Robert

Robin Meldrum

Éric Hubert-Osborne

Brandon Groulx-Mainville

Brandon Groulx-Mainville

Thomas Corbeil