NEW: Clubs are not limited to a single entry!

Qualification Process

  1. Each team must register directly with CQ by completing the registration form which is available lower on this age and sending it to CQ by the pre-determined deadline
  2. Each region (12) must declare their qualifying team(s) by the deadline dates determined by CQ.
  3. Should one or more regions not be represented, the host region will be entitled to fill the first vacant “spot” available. The remaining vacant “spots” will, in turn, be given to the regions with the highest pro rata number of registrations.
  4. The qualification process in each region shall be at the discretion of the regional association.
  5. The Curling Canada Rules of Curling apply.
  6. All games are to be eight ends. In case of a tie after eight ends, teams will play extra ends until a winner is determined.


Twelve (12) men’s teams and twelve (12) women’s teams can participate in the Travelers Provincial Championship. The teams are qualified as follows:



1. Côte-Nord

7. Montréal 3

2. Est-du-Québec

8. Nord-Ouest

3. Estrie

9. Outaouais

4. Mauricie

10. Québec

5. Montréal 1

11. Saguenay/Lac St-Jean

6. Montréal 2

12. Sud-Ouest

Championship Format

Teams will be divided into four (4) pools of three (3). An intra-pool round robin will be played followed by an elimination round with four teams. The winning teams will represent Quebec at the Canadian Championship.

Eligibility Requirements

Click here for eligibility requirements

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the curling clubs and the regional associations to ensure the eligibility of the teams for the regional qualification process of all Club Series events.

Host site



Registration deadline: January 15, 2024

Regional deadline: March 3, 2024

Provincial Championship: March 22-24, 2024

National Championship: TBA

Registration Fees

$300 per team

+ $10 per player – Curling Canada competitor fees

*Note: Both of the forms below must be completed and returned to Curling Quebec before the registration deadline in order for the registration to be valid.

Form to be completed by the teamForm to be completed by the club

Rules and schedule


David Maheux, Kevin Bleau, Michael Charbonneau, Raphaël Charbonneau
David Maheux, Kevin Bleau, Michael Charbonneau, Raphaël Charbonneau


Cindy Dallaire, Karine Lachance, Nadia Tremblay, Joannie Riverin
Cindy Dallaire, Karine Lachance, Nadia Tremblay, Joannie Riverin