Workshop for curling clubs' board of directors

Do you want to increase your club’s finances? Do you want to find new ways to recruit new players and hold on to them?

This workshop is offered to help curling clubs establish a business action plan and think of new ways to develop their business.

The workshop covers:

  • Analysis of the state of curling in Quebec

  • How to build a business plan and components to include

  • Recruting new players, initiation to curling and customer satisfaction

  • Marketing, communication, managing volunteers

  • Decrease spending and increase revenue

  • Ressources and programs from the federation

We will be happy to set up a meeting with your board, members and volunteers.

This workshop is offered AT NO COST to our affiliated clubs.

Development Programs

Do you want to attract new members?

The initiation programs Curling 101, Igloo and Curling in the gym were created so clubs would have access to comprehensive tools and turn-key programs to promote the sport more easily.

Use these programs to build or to improve a successful recruitment program. All the material necessary is available at no cost through the federation : curriculum, lesson plans, instructor training, budgetary plan, promotion tools.

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