In memory of Cédric Grondin


Suffering from leukemia, Cédric Grondin passed away on 25 June 2003 at the age of 18. This young competitor had participated in three Provincial Junior Curling Championships as skip of the Mauricie region. Member of the Laviolette Curling Club, Cédric had a real passion for curling and he dreamed of becoming one of the best players in Quebec.

Involved as a competitor, Cédric also began training as an ice technician and certainly represented a model of perseverance and tenacity. Curling Quebec chose to honour the memory of this young competitor who was devoted and dedicated to the cause of curling by creating and awarding the Cédric-Grondin Award.

With the presentation of the 2004 Provincial Curling Championship at the Laviolette Curling Club (Cédric Grondin’s home club) it was clear that Cédric would love to have participated in this championship and perhaps even fulfill his dream of winning it. Instead, Curling Quebec would award the Cédric-Grondin Award to the competitor that best represented perseverance, tenacity and passion for the sport … all qualities that best described Cédric.


The Cédric-Grondin Award is presented annually at the Provincial Junior Curling Championship to the competitor that best exemplifies perseverance, tenacity and passion for the game.

The award is awarded by popular vote from competitors and coaches participating in the Provincial Junior Curling Championship.

Past Recipients

2023 – Amber Gargul

2022 – Émilya Labrecque

2021 – Championship cancelled – COVID-19

2020 – Noémie Gauthier (Sag/Lac)

2019 – Cédric Maurice (Montréal)

2018 – Isabelle Thiboutot (Québec)

2017 – Gabrielle Lavoie (Quebec) and Vincent Roberge (Quebec)

2016 – Félix Asselin (Montréal)

2015 – Marc-Alexandre Dion (Mauricie)

2014 – Marianne Girard (Quebec)

2013 – Lisa Davies (Montreal)

2012 – Félix Asselin (Montreal)

2011 – Jean-Michel Crête (Montreal)

2010 – Kevin Rivest (Montreal)

2009 – Julie Hamel (Quebec)

2008 – Samantha Davis (Monteal)

2007 – Marie-Pier Côté (Mauricie)

2006 – Lana Gosselin (Quebec)

2005 – Jean-Benoit Milot (Mauricie)

2004 – Dan Dewaard (Outaouais)