1. #1 ranked team on the CMDR

11. Estrie

2. #2 ranked team on the CMDR

12. Mauricie

3. #3 ranked team on the CMDR

13. Montréal 1

4. #4 ranked team on the CMDR

14. Montréal 2

5. #5 ranked team on the CMDR

15. Montréal 3

6. #6 ranked team on the CMDR

16. Nord-Ouest

7. Host club #1*

17. Outaouais

8. Host club #2*

18. Québec

9. Côte-Nord

19. Saguenay/Lac St-Jean

10. Est-du-Québec

20. Sud-Ouest

*All team members must be members of the host club and must play there regularly.

In the event that one or more of the spots are left vacant (either a regional spot or the host club spot), the vacant spots will be offered to the team which accumulated the most points on the CMDR

Championship Format

The twenty (20) participating teams will be divided into four (4) pools of five (5). An intra-section round robin will be played and the highest ranked team from each pool and the remaining eight (8) highest ranked teams will advance to the playoffs.


Registration deadline (for teams that wish to obtain one of the host club spots): November 1, 2023

Host club qualification deadline: November 26, 2023

Registration deadline (all teams): December 1, 2023

Deadline to accumulate CMDR points : December 3, 2023

Regional Deadline: January 14 2024

Provincial championship: February 1-4, 2024

National championship: March 17-22 2024

Registration Fees

$150 per team

Registration period will begin on September 1, 2023

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Host Site

TMR curling club

Rules and draw


Curling Quebec will pay the registration fees for the Canadian championship (200$) and the costs of on ice provincial clothing (shirts and jackets) for the team that will win the provincial championship. All other expenses related to the team’s participation at the national event (transport, lodging, food, etc.) are the responsibility of Team Quebec because the Mixed Doubles Canadian championship is not subsidized by Curling Canada. The budget that is generally reserved for a banquet and snacks (20$/participant) at provincial championships will be given to Team Quebec in this case.


Jesse Mullen, Emily Riley