“I File a Complaint”: a new, uniform platform to protect all.

Thanks to a collaborative effort by the government, sports federations and various stakeholders that make up the Quebec sports community, a policy to protect the integrity of the individual is being implemented in all Quebec sports federations.

This new policy, which includes an independent officer to handle complaints, will establish a climate of confidence so that victims can expose abusers and file a complaint without fear of reprisals. From now on, the whistleblowing process will be standardized and equitable, and complaints will be analyzed objectively and independently.


To submit a complaint and to access the portal specifically created for our sport, you can click on the button “I File a Complaint” that appears on the right side of every page of our website (or by clicking here). We invite you to carefully read the information shared below describing the process and elements of this important project, including the infographic detailing the highly confidential and balanced process for each complaint, as well as resources specific to various stakeholders in our sporting context.

Click on the image below to learn more about the structure of the “I FIle a Complaint” platform.

Below are the Codes of conduct for each group of stakeholders within a sporting context. Click on each image to download the documents relevant to your situation.

Concussion awareness

Curling Quebec recognizes that the practice of curling can involve moderate risks of injury, in particular concussions. When such an injury occurs, it is essential to apply recognized procedures for the prevention and management of concussions and other head injuries.

All members and all people involved in training or competition must know their roles and responsibilities in this regard. CQ follows Curling Canada’s concussion management protocol.

The following resources from the Coach Canada website are very helpful and are highly recommended by CQ:

Curling Quebec strongly believes in the importance of providing all athletes of all ages and of all sports with a safe and healthy environment and as such, the federation has declared its commitment to the Responsible Coaching Movement. The Quebec sports community is also very proactive on this matter and two provincial authorities have been created in recent years.


Sport’Aide is an independent non-profit organization that provides listening and orientation services to young athletes as well as to any other member of the sport community.


SportBienEtre is an online portal whose main goal is to help the community better understand, manage and ultimately eliminate violence in sport.  The site contains a lot of valuable information and is an important reference tool.

The rule of 2


The following three measures will be implemented in all official events presented by Curling Québec and we also recommend the adoption of these measures to all of our affiliated clubs.


In order to be eligible to accompany a team in a Curling Quebec event, coaches must therefore commit to:


1- Rule of 2

The coach agrees to follow the rule of 2 at all times. Therefore, any face-to-face interaction between the coach and the athlete must take place within earshot and in the field of vision of a second coach, unless there is a medical emergency.

2- Background screening

The coach will be obliged to carry out the verification of his/her criminal record, to assume the cost and to send the results to Curling Quebec before the start of the event (valid for 2 years). Click here for more information.

3- Ethical training

The coach must have completed the “Making Ethical Decisions” module offered by Sports Quebec.

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