8-Ender Recognition Service

An Eight Ender (8-Ender) is an end where all eight stones score for one team; a very rare occurence.

Curling Canada recognizes teams who score Eight Enders with certificates. As an affiliated members, Curling Quebec will transmit necessary information to Curling Canada in order to get you that certificate.

The following is the information needed to obtain the 8 ender certificate. Please send the information to info@curling-quebec.qc.ca:

  • Photo of the event

  • Name and address of the curling club

  • Date of the event

  • During what kind of tournament it happened (championship, old timers, etc…)

  • Complete name and position of all the team members

  • An address for the certificate delivery.

Business of Curling

You want to increase the profitability of your club? You want to give you innovative ways to recruit new members? Most importantly, you want to keep them the following years? Do not miss the opportunity to broaden your knowledge with the best practices surrounding the management of a curling club! This 3-hours off ice session aims to give clubs valuable tools to develop strategic plans and establish initiatives to grow their club. ”Business of Curling” is an interactive session where you can hear from others!

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Ice Technician Service

You want your ice redone by one of our experts? You simply want to get some helpful advice about maintenance, upkeep or potential improvements for your ice?


Contact us and we will put you in contact with one of our seasoned pros.