Igloo 2 is aimed at kids from 6-12 years of age who graduated from the Igloo 1 initiation program. Designed under the same criteria, Igloo 2 is also divided into 8 weeks, one lesson of 90 minutes per week, and offers kids the opportunity to pursue their learnings about curling within a recreational program.

With the help of quality instructors, participants will continue to learn about the basics while incorporating some notions of strategies in curling.

Igloo 2 can be used as a springboard for juniors who are interested in pursuing curling to a competitive level.

The Igloo 1 program was designed to use curling in the promotion of sport and physical activity among children in elementary schools (6-12 years old). This program is built on a recreational, not competitive, level and its main goal is to show kids what curling is all about, while teaching them to appreciate the sport.

Throughout this 8-week program, one lesson of 90 minutes per week, kids will gradually learn the basics of curling through adapted exercices and fun activities. All equipment is included and there are on-ice instructors at all times to make it fun and safe!

After offering the program in a few clubs in winter 2016, Igloo proved to be a great way to step into the sport, as well as an excellent tool to foster the development of junior players.

For further details about Igloo 1, we invite clubs to go over the explanatory document and to contact Curling Québec at mdedich@curling-quebec.qc.ca.